Introduction to meditation

Start your meditation where you are at this very moment. No need to change anything. Breathe deeply and arrive to the here and now.

Make sure you are sitting solidly on your cushion. (or chair)

Straighten your spinal cord. Your head sits relaxed but still at the top of your spinal cord. Imagine a thread, which lifts the crown of your head up, towards the ceiling. Your chin is inclined slightly towards your chest.

(When sitting on a chair, place the soles of your feet solidly on the floor )

Your shoulders are supported by your spinal cord and are straight while being relaxed. Your left hand rests in your right hand slightly under your navel and the fingers and thumbs form a circle with the tip of the thumbs touching softly.

Relax the muscles in your neck. Relax the jawbones. Relax your face muscles.

Your eyes are slightly open and gaze softly and relaxed at the floor about 3 feet in front of you. Your tongue touches and rests on the back of the front upper teeth.

Notice how your breath slows down. Feel how the in- breath becomes shorter than the out- breath. Feel how your breath falls into your lower abdomen.

Allow your thoughts to come and go as if they are clouds in the sky. No thought is so important that it must be thought out. Listen to the sounds coming and going and let them go. Completely relax.

Bring your attention to the Energy point directly under the navel behind your hands called the Dan Tiem or Tan Jon and allow all thoughts and sensations to fall into this point.

Return your awareness to this very moment. Notice your thoughts but do not attach to any one thought. Allow each thought to come and go with no effort.

Keep your awareness returning to your breath and your posture.