24 hour retreat

On December 10-11, 2022, we will hold a 24-hour Zen practice.

The location of the retreat: Budapest, Gyarmat utca 5/B, (doorbell number 4), the fee is HUF 4,000, which covers meal costs. The walking periods will be outdoors, there is no possibility to sleep during the practice.

After the retreat, we will celebrate the Enlightenment of the Buddha on Sunday from 11 a.m. The retreat is not a prerequisite for this, but it is recommended to join for the last sitting period.

You can register at the following contact details:
kvanumzen@gmail.com / 06 70 457 0486

11:00Négy nagy fogadalom, 3 leborulás Csöndes ülés 4 x 30 perc
15:00Csöndes ülés 4 x 30 perc
18:00Csöndes ülés 3 x 30 perc
19:50Esti énekek
21:30Csöndes ülés 3 x 30 perc
23:50Csöndes ülés 2 x 30 perc
1:00108 leborulás
2:00Csöndes ülés 3 x 30 perc
4:30Csöndes ülés 3 x 30 perc
8:00Reggeli énekek
9:00Csöndes ülés 2 x 30, 1 x 20 perc
10:40Szív szútra, Nagy dharani, Négy nagy fogadalom