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Weekly teaching
Thursday, 2016 March 17. to Thursday, 2016 March 24.

This is our practice. It is not some great, expanded commitment to the universe. It's not some hope of how things can be in the future. It is not some longing for things to be as they were in the past.

Weekly teaching
Wednesday, 2016 March 9. to Wednesday, 2016 March 16.

When you are asked a kong-an and you hit the floor, at that moment you become one with the kong-an. You actually become one with the whole universe. That doesn't have correct or incorrect, like or dislike. It’s already complete. There is incredible power in that moment of complete not knowing.

Weekly teaching
Tuesday, 2016 March 1. to Tuesday, 2016 March 8.

Many students, colleagues and monks around the world mourn the passing of Wu Bong Dae Soen Sa Nim. This situation has occurred once before, in 1994, when Zen Master Su Bong passed away in similar circumstances while leading a retreat in Hong Kong.

Weekly teaching
Thursday, 2016 February 18. to Thursday, 2016 February 25.

So when your direction is clear, it is already beyond all the opposites. Life and death, possible or impossible, good or bad, right or wrong—it’s already beyond all the opposites. And what kind of direction you have is also important.

Weekly teaching
Wednesday, 2016 February 10. to Wednesday, 2016 February 17.

Any kind of formal practice is a simple situation in which it is easier to cut off thinking. As we do formal practice, it will start to affect our everyday life. Any moment in our life can be understood as a kong-an.

Weekly teaching
Wednesday, 2016 February 3. to Wednesday, 2016 February 10.

This is an excerpt from a talk given by Zen Master Seung Sahn to the members of Hwa Gye Sah, our temple in Seoul, on the evening before Buddha ‘s Enlightenment Day.

Weekly teaching
Tuesday, 2016 January 26. to Tuesday, 2016 February 2.

One evening, at the Providence Zen Center, Seung Sahn Soen-sa gave the following Dharma Speech:
What is Zen? Zen is understanding myself. What am I?

Weekly teaching
Sunday, 2016 January 17. to Sunday, 2016 January 24.

The most important thing is to stay nimble, stay with things they are, and keep awake.

Weekly teaching
Sunday, 2016 January 10. to Sunday, 2016 January 17.

Zen-meditation retreat is one of the most precious and unique possibilities to intensify the study of our minds.  This year I undertook a three months solo retreat in the mountains of Czech Republic. I had no idea of what would happen.

Alma Potter Ji Do Poep Sa Nim is the guiding teacher for the Kwan Um Zen Centers in Vienna Austria, Palma de Mallorca Spain, Vrazne Czech Republic, and Kwan Um Zen Groups in Hungary.

Weekly teaching
Tuesday, 2015 December 29. to Tuesday, 2016 January 5.

Some years ago I experienced many inspiring days and weeks together with my wife at Buddhist and Hindu pilgrimage sites in India, Nepal, Burma and Thailand. I clearly remember how overhelming it was walking, sitting and chanting at the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya.