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Weekly teaching
Monday, 2016 May 30. to Sunday, 2016 June 5.

Hakuin, the fiery and intensely dynamic Zen master, was once visited by a samurai warrior.


Weekly teaching
Monday, 2016 May 23. to Sunday, 2016 May 29.

The Avatamsaka Sutra says, "If you want to understand the Buddhas of the past, present, and future, then you should view the nature of the whole universe as being created by mind alone." 

Weekly teaching
Monday, 2016 May 16. to Sunday, 2016 May 22.

One morning a student asked Seung Sahn Soen Sa, “How can one control thinking while sitting Zen?”

Weekly teaching
Monday, 2016 May 9. to Sunday, 2016 May 15.

From a talk at the Seoul International Zen Center

Question: Recently I saw a calligraphy of yours in the U.S. which said, “Freedom from family karma.” What does this mean? Why is this important?

Weekly teaching
Monday, 2016 May 2. to Sunday, 2016 May 8.

Buddhism teaches us that we make our own life. We’re quick to blame other people. We’re quick to make a dream life of our likes and dislikes. We fall into a fantasy, and sometimes it’s said, “like a drunken stupor”.

Weekly teaching
Monday, 2016 April 25. to Sunday, 2016 May 1.

Attaining my true self simply means moment to moment I keep a correct situation, correct relationship, and correct function in this world. I function clearly in this universe to save all beings.

Weekly teaching
Monday, 2016 April 18. to Sunday, 2016 April 24.

by Zen Master Wu Kwang on Oct 10, 2012

A kong-an interview with Zen Master Wu Kwang


We used to have a different translation of the second great vow:

Desires are in- exhaustible. We vow to extinguish them all.

Weekly teaching
Sunday, 2016 April 10. to Sunday, 2016 April 17.

So when we practice together, we learn from one another. Individual practice is important, but when we only practice individually, it is difficult to see our limitations and our karma, the karma of our mind.

Weekly teaching
Saturday, 2016 April 2. to Saturday, 2016 April 9.

From talk at Seoul International Zen Center, Korea, March 9, 1996

Some people completely understand sutras. A long time ago, a famous old Sutra Master visited Ko Bong Zen Master.

Ko Bong Sunim asked him, “How long have you been teaching the sutras?”

Weekly teaching
Friday, 2016 March 25. to Friday, 2016 April 1.

The function of a kong-an is to spark a question, to give rise to that which in the Zen tradition has been called the Great Question. When the mind “questions,” it awakens and opens. This moment of questioning, however fleeting it is, is a manifestation of a pure and unconditioned mind.

Zen Master Soeng Hyang (Barbara Rhodes) is the School Zen Master and Guiding Dharma Teacher of the Kwan Um School of Zen. She received dharma transmission from Zen Master Seung Sahn on October 10, 1992.