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Weekly teaching
  • Buddha
Wednesday, 2018 March 21. to Wednesday, 2018 March 28.

Zen Master Wu Kwang: If you look at what we do in formal Zen meditation, for example—besides the fact we sit in a particular way and become still—we essentially don’t try to get rid of any thought or state of mind or any particular feeling.

Weekly teaching
Monday, 2018 January 22. to Monday, 2018 January 29.

A group of social psychology professors from different universities in China visited Zen Master Dae Kwan. They asked many questions about practice.

Weekly teaching
Thursday, 2017 December 21. to Thursday, 2017 December 28.

Buddhism has a very radical teaching: there's no process, there's only this moment. You're always in the moment, but you think you aren't. That's all. Tell me the truth, does anybody ever have the past? If you can bring me even one molecule of it, you'll win the Nobel Prize in physics.

Zen Master Dae Kwang has been a monk since 1987 and received transmission in 1996. He is the guiding teacher Zen centers in Wisconsin and Mexico. Zen Master Dae Kwang has traveled widely, leading retreats throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, including 90-day retreats in Korea.
Weekly teaching
  • Practicing With "What Am I?"
Monday, 2017 October 30. to Monday, 2017 November 6.

Student: What is the relationship between asking “What am I?” and the flow of thoughts, perceptions, etc.? For example, do you address the question to particular thoughts, pains in the knee when sitting, etc.? When a thought comes, do you ask whom this thought is coming to?

Weekly teaching
Friday, 2017 September 8. to Friday, 2017 September 15.

Open the gift. Inside is only don’t know. Such an expensive gift, and yet few will accept it. Accepting it means abandoning the familiar, and that can be terrifying. And yet, not knowing is very familiar territory for us all, a place where we can be empowered.

Zen Master Soeng Hyang (Barbara Rhodes) is the School Zen Master and Guiding Dharma Teacher of the Kwan Um School of Zen. She received dharma transmission from Zen Master Seung Sahn on October 10, 1992.

Weekly teaching
Thursday, 2017 July 27. to Thursday, 2017 August 3.
  • Everything is true nature (big ‘I’). If you apply effort to anything else other than finding it, even the smallest effort, is a waste.

Zen Master Man Gong (1871-1946)

Weekly teaching
Monday, 2017 June 5. to Monday, 2017 June 12.
  • If I shout someone’s name and they immediately answer, “Yes!” – that is true nature. True nature has no birth or death. It can’t catch fire, get wet, or be cut with a knife. It is completely free and without hindrance.

Zen Master Man Gong (1871-1946)

Weekly teaching
Tuesday, 2017 May 2. to Tuesday, 2017 May 9.

If you want to understand your past life, everybody goes to a fortune teller. That's not necessary. You can understand your past life, so don't waste money. Only look at what you are doing right now. It's very easy.

Zen Master Su Bong was born on January 7, 1943 in North Kona, Hawaii. His mother was of Korean descent, and his father was of Chinese Hakka origin.
Weekly teaching
Friday, 2017 March 24. to Friday, 2017 March 31.

Buddha said very clearly that humans have five main desires: food, sleep, sex, money, fame. As we grow these five desires all become stronger. So the real Mind Revolution comes from looking back at ourselves. Looking into “I.” Don’t worry about finding anything.

Zen Master Dae Bong, a Zen monk, received dharma transmission in April 1999. He began practicing with Zen Master Seung Sahn in 1977 and became a monk in 1984. Before studying Zen, he worked as a counselor in a hospital and as a welder in a shipyard.

Weekly teaching
Friday, 2017 March 17. to Friday, 2017 March 24.

Nobody guarantees our life. So if there is anything that you think may be useful, just now is the time to use it. In our life, past mind cannot be attained. Present mind cannot be attained. If you say “present,” it is already not present, already gone.