Weekly teachings

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Weekly teaching
Monday, 2020 March 2. to Monday, 2020 March 9.
Weekly teaching
  • Weekly - Question
Thursday, 2019 October 24. to Thursday, 2019 October 31.

We all practice with one question—you all know that: What am I? Is this not the most profound doubt one can have?

Weekly teaching
Sunday, 2019 July 21. to Sunday, 2019 July 28.

My seat was placed right in front of the wooden wall. The small piece of the wall in front of me soon turned out to be filled with constantly changing pictures.

Zen Master Gu Ja

Zen Master Gu Ja is the Abbess of the Kwan Um School of Zen in Germany.

Weekly teaching
Saturday, 2019 May 25. to Saturday, 2019 June 1.

I don’t really think of Zen students or Zen teachers. I think of Zen practitioners. We are all practitioners, whether we practice a lot or a little. Whether as a student or a teacher, our job is to practice.

Weekly teaching
Wednesday, 2019 March 20. to Wednesday, 2019 March 27.

You must decide to practice and very strongly keep this decision. This requires great faith, great courage, and great questioning.

Weekly teaching
Friday, 2019 February 1. to Friday, 2019 February 8.

A couple of years ago I was walking to to work, a walk which takes me through several busy intersections in Cambridge. My mind was filled with the day's activities and plans. Consequently, my attention at that particular moment was not with the moment as it was unfolding.

Weekly teaching
Thursday, 2018 September 20. to Thursday, 2018 September 27.

Zen Master Bon Shim (Aleksandra Porter) received inka in 1992 and transmission in 2006.

Weekly teaching
  • Zen Master Seung Sahn
Thursday, 2018 August 16. to Thursday, 2018 August 23.

Originally, everything is very simple, very harmonious. Only when „I” appears do things get complicated and suffering begins.

When „I” disappears, this whole world is yours.

When „I”appears, you lose this world.

Weekly teaching
Wednesday, 2018 August 1. to Wednesday, 2018 August 8.

If your center is not strong then emotion controls you. Your emotions will control you, also other people’s emotions will control you.

Zen Master Dae Bong, a Zen monk, received dharma transmission in April 1999. He began practicing with Zen Master Seung Sahn in 1977 and became a monk in 1984. Before studying Zen, he worked as a counselor in a hospital and as a welder in a shipyard.

Weekly teaching
Wednesday, 2018 June 20. to Wednesday, 2018 June 27.

Question: How do you become a good Buddhist?

Zen Master Dae Kwang has been a monk since 1987 and received transmission in 1996. He is the guiding teacher Zen centers in Wisconsin and Mexico. Zen Master Dae Kwang has traveled widely, leading retreats throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, including 90-day retreats in Korea.