Weekly teaching
Saturday, 2016 April 2. to Saturday, 2016 April 9.

From talk at Seoul International Zen Center, Korea, March 9, 1996

Some people completely understand sutras. A long time ago, a famous old Sutra Master visited Ko Bong Zen Master.

Ko Bong Sunim asked him, “How long have you been teaching the sutras?”

Dae Un Sutra Master said, “I have been teaching the sutras for fifty years.”

“Fifty years teaching sutras? What kind of teaching?”

“Ah, Mind is Buddha; Buddha is Mind. So, get Enlightenment, become Buddha.”

Ko Bong Sunim said, “Oh, Mind is Buddha; Buddha is Mind. Before Mind, before Buddha, what is this? What does this mean? Your mouth says Mind is Buddha, Buddha is Mind. If you have no mouth, what do you say?”

The Sutra Master was stuck. Ko Bong Zen Master picked up a stick and hit Dae Un Sunim’s leg hard.

The Sutra Master shouted, “Ouch!!”

Ko Bong Sunim said, “Oh, that’s number one good sutra speech!”