Won Do Sunim

Dharma Name: Won Do Sunim

(Original Path)

Imre Stifter

Hi is a founding member of the first Hungarian Zen community, it was in the year 1989. The next year 1990, hi was taken the five and the ten precepts. Than on 18. May 1991 at Warsaw Zen Temple, Do Am Sah under the guidance of Zen Master Seung San, hi became a novice monk. At the same year, hi and 108 people found The Dharma Gate Buddhist Church in Hungary. From 1993 spent many years of practicing in diferent cuntries such as Korea, USA, Poland, France, Japan. Ordained as Bikkhu, Full Monk at Tong Do Sah Temple in Korea on 27. October 1996. After his Teacher Zen Master Seung San passed away, hi int he year 2005, returned to Hungary. Here hi is living a solitary life in the countryside and more or less helping the sanghas of Hungarian Zen- Buddhism, including the groups of The Kwan Um Schoole of Zen.

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